You might probably want to start here if you want to have an idea about me.

My name is Guillaume Stricher.

Born: yes.
Cool: morning fuel.
Father: best job I ever had.

I'm a UX designer:
Farmer of your eyes.
Subliminal engineer of your minds.

Guillaume Stricher

I have created my design studio Webdesignofficina in 2000.

I worked for and with different types of clients covering this various fields of activities : Art & Culture, Photography, Cinema, Music, Law, Corporate, Edition and Arts & Crafts.

My fields of intervention involved these skills: designer, developer, project manager, information architect and server admin.

Hablablow is my experimental and research lab.

The IR is where I talk.

Flickr is where I post my shots.

Twitter is where I post small thoughts.

YouTube is my musicbox.

Delicious is my candybox.